Uncategorized July 21, 2020 BY David Carroll

TechTonic TV – Mechatronics Live Stream

Happening Tuesday July 21st at 6pm! Join us for a talk with Mike Halbern, professor of Mechatronics at Sierra College.


NCTC:  What is mechatronics anyway?

MH: You know it as industrial automation, robotics. It’s the infrastructure you take for granted when you flip a switch to turn on the light. It’s everywhere. How does that stuff that is grown in the field get into the grocery store? Fresh veggies, a can of soup, a bottle of ketchup – to make that magically appear, there is a vast infrastructure of automation used to plant the field, water, fertilize, pick produce, and harvest. That infrastructure supports a behind the scenes process that transforms raw materials into foods that we purchase and consume, right here in the United States. Our Mechatronics program at Sierra College is unique – most mechatronics programs are outside of the US.